Capture Yorkshire 2018 - Landscape Photography Competition Rules

Please read all the rules. Entries that do not adhere to the rules will not be considered.

  1. Capture Yorkshire 2018 is a photography competition organised by Chris Ceaser Photography. The competition is open to everyone except employees of Chris Ceaser Photography, York Conservation Trust and YorkMix (The partners), including all relatives and family members of the above mentioned companies.
  2. The competition runs from 1st November 2017 until midnight on the 30th April 2018. Please ensure you have submitted your final images before the deadline in each calendar month.
  3. There is one category for this year’s competition and the theme is ‘OPEN’. This means that ANY image made of the YORKSHIRE landscape will be eligible. Images may be of a pure landscape nature, or may include buildings such as a city scene. Monochrome or coloured images are fine. Abstract images, long exposures, HDR images are fine. The competition is, however, primarily a landscape competition and as such entries of sporting themes, portraits, wildlife etc are not applicable.
    3a. The judges will disqualify any entries that are in breach of the rules, or that contravene any laws, or that may bring into disrepute  any member of the judging panel or the sponsors.
  4. All images MUST be of Yorkshire landscape and been taken in the last five years. It is possible to enter more than 1 image made in a particular month, but entrants can only enter 1 image per month. The cut off time for each entry will be the last day of the calendar month at midnight.
  5. All entrants may submit 1 image per calendar month, to be submitted before midnight on the last day of each month. This means that one entrant could have a maximum of 6 entries in the competition. If a month is missed, it is not possible to enter a second entry in the following month. Only the first image entered in a month will be considered. Further attempts to upload images in the same month will result in all images from that month being disallowed.
  6. UPLOADING YOUR IMAGES. Entries must be initially submitted as a low res JPEG at 72dpi in RGB colourspace, max 2mb per image. Images must be no more than 1440 pixels on the longest edge and must be free from signatures, borders etc. All images MUST be entered using the official form on the website. Click the ‘enter here’ button to submit.
  7. UPLOADING YOUR IMAGES. File names. File names MUST include the title of the image, but NOT the photographer’s name. This will ensure identities remain anonymous to the judges at all stages.
  8. Updates. The head judge, Chris Ceaser, will select a few random entries each month which may be included in the ‘recent entries’ section of the website, to generate more interest in the competition.
  9. Judging. After the closing date an initial shortlist of around 300 images will be selected by the head judge, Chris Ceaser. These 300 entries will then be viewed digitally by the other judges, and a new shortlist of 60 images will be selected. Successful entrants would then be asked to submit a printed image, of no more than 16 inches at its longest length, which should be sent, securely packaged, to the marketing company, YorkMix, 5-6, King’s Court, Shambles, York, YO1 7LD. The judges would then come together at the offices of York Conservation Trust where the final selections for the 20 highest scoring images would be made.
  10. Results. The 20 highest scoring images, would be mounted and prepared for exhibition at Chris Ceaser Photography, 89 Mickleagte, YO1 6LE. The exhibition of the final 20 images would run from June 1st until 30 June 2018. Entry to view the images is FREE.
  11. Awards. Gold, Silver and Bronze medals would be presented to the top three images. Prizes would be awarded to the highest scoring images in accordance with the number of prizes on offer. All entries that make it to the final exhibition stage would receive a ‘Exhibited – Capture Yorkshire 2018’ certificate. All entries that make it to the print submission stage would receive a ‘Official Shortlist – Capture Yorkshire 2018’ certificate.
  12. All entrants chosen for the exhibition stage would be invited to a ‘preview evening’ , the night before the exhibition starts, at the Chris Ceaser Photography Gallery where judges and sponsors would be present.
  13. Copyright. By entering the competition the photographer confirms that the image is their own work and that they own all intellectual and property copyrights for the image, and that they will indemnify the organisers and judges against any claims arising from third party infringements. The copyright remains with the photographer at all times.
  14. Use of images entered into the competition. The entrant grants the organiser permission to use the image in any non-commercial way to promote the competition, including, but not limited to: Inclusion in the ‘recent updates’ section of the website; inclusion of the printed image in the official exhibition of selected images; on the competition website as the competition progresses or in future years; on the websites of sponsors; and on any social media platform used to promote the competition in 2018 and beyond.
  15. All decisions made by the organiser or the judges with regard to selected or disallowed images is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  16. Liabilities. The organisers cannot accept any liability for any losses, damage, or injuries incurred as a part of participating in Capture Yorkshire 2018. Also, sending an entry in electronically does not ensure that the image will be received. The organisers cannot be held liable for any loss or damage to personal computers etc that may be related to the entrant’s participation in the competition, including damage caused by downloading of materials from sponsor’s websites.

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